Relocate with money

By Serge Kreutz

Not more than 5. Even a networth of 1 million will do.

Let's assume you live somewhere in the developed world. Europe, or North America.

You are probably older than in your early 30s.

So, why would you want to live in the developed world?

Take your money, pack your bag, and go and live somewhere where your money counts.

You have only one life. Just be aware of that, all the time.

If you just aim for a simple life, but with plenty of girls all your life, then you anywayhave enough money.

But why not imagine something more captivating?

Would you want to be something like a feudal master? The ruler of your own little kingdom?

If you do have money in the range indicated above, you would be surprised to learn what actually you can be.

The fact is, if you stay in the developed world, you aren't much, and you never will be much. Because were you are, society is so organized that there is no freedom.

Yes, your organized society affords considerable safety. But at a price.

The price is predictable boredom, all life. Sexual boredom, this is.

Because sexual excitement is the only real excitement.And this is precisely where your options in the developed world are limited.

Yes, you can be married, and have standard intercourse all life long.

And yes, they let you watch porn. They even let you buy Japanese porn which often has a bit more fantasy involved.

And yes, if you socialize in clubs, you have a fair chance for casual sex every now andthen.

Is that all you want?

How about your fantasy of a harem?

Of being a king?

Actually, these options still exist in the world today. If not too many people know about it.

But not where you are.

So, take your money, pack your bag, ditch your wife, and go and live in the Third World.

I am available for recommendations, if you need some.

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Relocate with money


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